Cast Iron Appam Tawa (Paniyara Kal)


Know more about: Appam Maker

Material– Cast Iron
Common name- Appam makers
Dimensions– Diameter – 22 cm
breath: 22 cm
heigh: 15 cm
Capacity: 12pits
Weight- 1.9 kg

Product Description: Appam making is a tradition, a tradition that has had people from all over the globe interested in. Our appam maker, also traditionally known as a Paniyara kal or Paniyarakkal helps the appam making process be systematic and convenient. This appam maker is make from cast iron and adorns two handles to make portablility easy. This state of the art Appam tawa is crafted by the rural artisans of Tamil Nadu . This traditional piece of cooking ware can make cooking fun, convenient but most importantly healthy.

Eco-factor: When we look back and analyse history we start to realize that everything our ancestors did was for a particular reason. Season cast iron cookware consumes less oil hence making the food cooked in it much more healthier. In addition, Iron utensils also release iron into the food that’s been cook adding to the overall health benefits.

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