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Stone Kalvam Mortar


Know More About This Product :Stone Kalvam Mortar
Round Kalvam is a handcarved product made from stone known from its toughness and strength.This Kalvam is a natural grinder,round in shape, with spiral rings originating from the centre. This grinder is used for grinding leaves and related ingredients are grinded.

Product Specifications

Material : Stone
Common Name : Stone Kalvam Mortar(Grinder)

Height (Inch)Diameter (Inch)Weight (kg)
Approx. 5Approx. 5Approx. 7
Approx. 4Approx. 4Approx. 6

Eco-factor :Major reasons for switching back ​to stone grinders are that it is chemical free and non toxic. In addition it is sustainable and does not cause any negative repercussions to the environment.

Since we provide only unique and handcrafted products, there can be a slight difference with regards to dimensions and weight.

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