Traditional Soapstone Dosa kal / Maakal Dosa Tawa Of 12 Inch (Seasoned)


Traditional Soap Stone Dosa kal / Maakal Dosa Tawa Of 12 Inch (Seasoned)

Soapstone cookware offers several benefits that make it a favorite among cooks: Soapstone Cookware heats food integrally not just through the bottom of the pan and stays hot for longer once heated, keeping food warm and saving energy; it’s both natural (no harmful substances that can be released into food) and non-stick (less or no oil is needed), providing a healthy alternative to Teflon. Lastly, soapstone naturally repels humidity, which is helpful for salt and spice storage.

Let’s encourage and support healthy cooking culture

It is an old age tradition of India to cook in this Soapstone Cookware

Weight:- 4.2 Kg

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Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition EcoHind


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