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Copper FAQ's

Why do copper products turn black?

Copper is termed as a reactive metal. What this means is that a metal such as copper goes through a process known as oxidation. Copper reacts when it comes in contact with oxygen, this process takes place slowly and over a period of time, this results in what is scientifically known as copper oxide. Generally it is also termed as tarnish. Tarnish is perceived as black and / or brown coloration which forms on the surface. It is understood that this process is of natural occurrence and can not be prevented in any manner.

Can copper give you cancer?

People often worry if inculcating reactive metals in their day to day lives will encourage the chances of cancer. This is a myth! It has been scientifically tested and years of research has been put in, to answer exactly this question. No research has shown that copper can cause cancer and hence copper has since been not declared to human carcinogenicity. This clarifies that copper as a metal will not give you cancer. Which is why it is not only safe but also beneficial to humans to inculcate using utensils made of copper. This way you can enjoy the health benefits that copper does have to offer.

What are the benefits of using copper?

Copper as a metal is often termed as “ an essential nutrient for all living cells. Why you may ask, well lets try and understand. Copper is needed for the maintenance of all bodily functions – There is a link between copper as a mental and out bodily function. For example, copper is involved is the product of melanin. Melanin is a brown pigment which our body naturally creates, this gives us our skin tone. Hence the intake of copper through your food can add both nutrients and melanin into your body. Copper kills bacteria on contact – Bacteria is rampant, often just dish washing you utensils can only be brushing the surface. Which is when a metal like copper is magical. Around 4,500 years ago copper was used as two things. First, as a sterile metal and second a a vessel to drink water from. Hence copper is known for it’s contact killing capacity. This means that it is always a great idea to have food or water stored in utensils made of copper. This is play off as an extra protective barrier against bacteria in any way possible. Copper is known to balance hypertension It isn’t news that copper as a metal has been studied a lot and through those studies it has been found out that copper is known to balance hypertension. As per the American Cancer Society, Copper is known to decrease cholesterol levels. If your copper levels are low as a child you develop hypotension. As opposed to if you experience low levels of copper as an adult you experience something known as hypertension. Aids the Functioning of Thyroid Gland As indicated by specialists, the most well-known element between patients of thyroid is copper. Copper adjusts the irregularities of the thyroid organ, that is it invigorates the thyroid organ to work well, however it additionally wards off the harming impacts of an excessive amount of discharge from the thyroid organ. Prevents Anemia Copper aids the breakdown of food to make hemoglobin, it helps the body in retaining iron, the inadequacy of which causes weakness. Copper insufficiency in the human body can prompt uncommon hematological problems which likewise brings about low white platelets. Cures Arthritis and Inflamed Joints Copper has calming properties which gives extraordinary alleviation to the patients experiencing joint inflammation and rheumatoid joint pain. Moreover, copper has bone reinforcing properties, which makes it an ideal solution for joint inflammation. Negates Infection Copper a characteristic anti-toxin, water put away in copper bottles for over 8 hours is liberated from all such microbials. Copper is compelling against E.Coli, S. aureus and Cholera Bacillus among other basic water borne sickness causing specialists. Assists in Digestion: Old roman writings talk about endorsing copper based medication to murder off germs in the stomach. Ayurveda asserts that, drinking “tamra jal” detoxifies and purifies the stomach. Copper likewise has properties which animate peristalsis (musical development and compression of the stomach lining), diminishes the aggravation of the stomach covering and aids better assimilation. Copper is an incredible solution for stomach ulcers, heartburn and stomach diseases. Helps Cardiovascular System: Copper assists clean plaque with welling enlarge the veins to expand the blood stream to the heart. Studies have demonstrated that Copper lack can bring about the brokenness of the heart muscles, prompting inadequate siphoning of the blood, disabled course of blood in the body and the powerlessness to react accurately to push. Controls Aging: Old Egyptians utilized a ton of copper based enhancing specialists, a few skin health management items these days are copper based on the grounds that copper isn’t just a cell reinforcement, it additionally helps cell recovery, nullifying the hurtful impacts of free specialists on the skin. Increases Brain Efficiency: The human mind communicates with the remainder of the body through electrical driving forces. Copper assists the cells in speaking with one another via doing these driving forces, making the mind work a lot of effectiveness. Prevents Stroke: Copper likewise has hostile to convulsive properties which means copper is a successful way to forestall seizures. Copper likewise has cancer prevention agent properties, implying that an absence of copper would empower oxidants in working quicker and better, expanding the danger of a stroke. Weight Loss: Copper assumes an instrumental part in dissolving the abundance fat stores in the human body and diminishes weight. Copper keeps the body in a fat consuming circumstance in any event, when the individual is resting, notwithstanding, this doesn’t imply that an excess of copper will consume more fat; a lot of copper could wind up harming the human body. Aids in Healing Wounds Faster Copper displays mitigating, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Furthermore, copper additionally helps skin recovery and reinforces the invulnerable framework, helping the body in recuperating wounds quicker.

How do you identify pure copper?

There are varied tests that people conduct in order to understand if their copper is real or not. The sound test happens to me among many. A pure copper vessel will always produce a mellow yet deep sound, to get the exact tone you can surf the internet. If your copper item does not sound mellow and deep it is more likely an alloy and not pure copper.

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