The Story of Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi silk saree

Banarasi silk saree Origination:

Banarasi silk saree has always fascinated folks with their charming look. As the name suggests this saree hails from Banaras now popularly Varanasi and are especially admired for their intricate gold- silver jari borders and brocades. One can find Banarasi sarees with the latest designs and borders specifically in Varanasi as these borders are exclusively copyrighted by the workers that fabricate these sarees. One doesn’t actually need to go to Varanasi for buying them, You can shop gorgeous Banarasi sarees online by clicking here.

Historical Backdrop:

 Several ancient inscriptions have mentioned accoutering of Gods with their dresses having gold-silver jari borders and brocades. Emperor Akbar was so much in love with this delicate jari work that he didn’t just limit it to clothing and used it to adorn his castle with curtains and carpets. Thus this art of making Banarasi Sarees flourished during Mughal reign and carries related traits too like the nature designs of leaves flowers in a netted way called “Jhalar”. These patterns are still included in the Banarasi saree’s latest design.

Life Of Workers:

These sarees are handwoven by workers who’re doing this for ages. They’ve inherited this art right from their childhood days by watching their forefathers spinning these entangled threads. Banarasi saree is close to their heart as it provides them a sustainable means of livelihood and recognition to their community for the art and craft that they indulge. Their art is now renowned profusely around the world and many people even tend to buy Banarasi saree online.

While striking a conversation with workers their emotions were reflected in the teary eyes when they shared their experience of working on sarees for around 6 months and nurturing it with love to save it for the bride on her big day. The to be brides show their excitement by customizing their saree in accordance with Banarasi saree latest designs and often place order for Banarasi saree online. Getting married while donning this saree is a bewitching mirror of all the dreams that the bride abides by while unfolding her future, thus making it the most priced piece of clothing that she’ll cherish throughout her life.

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