What is the history and significance of Dhanteras?


Indian culture has always been depicting the importance of health and firmly believes, Soul happiness of mankind can be achieved when there is a hale heart and a sound mind.  As per the famous saying which we’ve known for generations- ‘Health is Wealth’, Dhanteras is given utmost importance in Diwali.  According to the inscriptions in Vedas and Puranas, there are three major tales highlighting Dhanteras.

History on why Dhanteras is celebrated in India: –

The First story– On the sacred day of Krishnatrayodashi, during Samudra Manthan, God Dhanwantari who is considered to be one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, stood by there, holding the pot of nectar. It is assumed that Lord Vishnu took the form of God Dhanwantari to spread awareness about the importance of Medical Sciences and it’s potential to transform the world. In order to recall God Dhanwantari, Dhanteras is being celebrated.

The Second Story- An astrologer had predicted that Death was awaiting son of King Hima thus the prince would die on the fourth night of their marriage through a snakebite. On the fourth night, the prince’s wife had everything planned, she lit up the entire room with extremely bright lights and sat beside her husband the entire time singing songs and telling stories. Lord Yama arrived as a snake but couldn’t see anything due to extremely bright lights. He waited there entire night, but the bright lights prevailed and the prince kept listening to the songs of his wife. Finally, Lord Yama left thus the prince was saved due to the wit of his wife. As that day was Dhanteras, it is also called as Yamadeepdaan. We remember and appreciate the presence of the mind showed by her on this day.

The Third story- Goddess Parvati had won while playing dice with Lord Shiva. Since then this day is being believed to be good for investments and gambling.

On this day, Goddess Laxmi is worshipped, and her blessings are seemed to bring prosperity. This day is auspicious and most favourable for buying gold and silver for jewellery and other metals for kitchenware ( Hyperlink it to kitchenware category ) to bring fortune and prosperity. 

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