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Cast Iron Coconut scraper with handle


Product Specifications:-?

  • Product ? Coconut Scraper
  • Material ? Cast Iron
  • Weight? ? 1050?gm
  • Length ? ?43cm
  • Breadth ??27.5cm
  • Height ?? ?5.5cm


  • The Indian continent played a significant role in putting Iron made utensils on the map.
  • We all very well know the fact that Iron tends to impart itself to food hence, our ancestors preferred using Iron cookware
  • In addition, it would enhance the taste and color of the food.
  • The reason behind this is that Iron is the most durable metal.
  • Similarly, Traditional Vegetable Cutter incorporates some great health benefits.
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Cast Iron Coconut ScraperTraditional Coconut Scraper
Non Corrosive

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