Kali embodies shakti – female divine, creativity, and fertility – and is an incarnation of Parvati, spouse of the pronounced of Hindu Lord Shiva. She is most often represented in art as a fearful preventing figure with a necklace of heads, a skirt of hands, a lolling tongue, and brandishing a knife dripping with blood. This bronze statue has been enthusiastically hand made by way of professional artisans from various parts of India the use of diverse conventional techniques.

Product Specification:

  • Material – Bronze
  • Composition – Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin and Gold
  • Method – Casting done with Lost wax process / five metal process which is a very old casting process
  • Length of the product – 3 inches
  • Breadth of the product – 2.5 inches
  • Height of the product – 5 inches
  • Weight of the Product – 433 grams
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