Children have been an inspiration for multiple reasons and so was my daughter. After her birth there was a huge shift in our perception, we went from being responsible for our lives to being entitled to inspire a whole new generation. As that realization settled we started to not just look but actually notice and interpret the world around us. We started to comprehend the gap between the modern ever-evolving world and the world where traditions were the root of every human’s life. 

The last thing we wanted was to raise a child in a world that had no tradition and only change. That’s when EcoHind came into existence – an idea to sustain traditions, to go back to our roots, to understand what’s truly important, but most importantly to give back to the traditional communities. The transition into the industrial revolution was important but it resulted in the loss of the communities who started it all. 

At EcoHind we go back to the communities who started it all. Helping them to sustain a living and providing them with the recognition and appreciation they truly deserve. Eco Hindu is exactly that, a reflection of wanting to bring back the respect that the younger generation has so easily lost.